Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Love is in the air can you feel it? Yes I can, not only because it's February the love month but also because for me love should be celebrate everyday not in a single day. We should learn to love our own selves first, value and accept ourselves for who we are right now not for who we might become,  then love our family and friends. We should also be grateful for being loved because  not everybody feels that way every day, especially those in need, the less privileged.You know the old saying:"love can move mountains" right? Indeed, when we love we can achieve so many things even those things we didn't think ourselves capable of doing. Please note also that being single is not a bad thing, it's a life choice, I know many people who are just unable to live alone and who need other people's attention or approval all the time to assume who they really are and feel the love. So just be happy and enjoy your life as it is.
So today is Valentine's Day and everyone (well maybe not everyone) is going crazy about valentine's  gift ideas, what to do today, etc. As I mentioned earlier, whether you're single or not, I think it's  nice to have a really special day and treat yourself or your partner.  Who doesn't enjoy a gift after all? Here is a few last minute Valentine's gift ideas that I selected for you and as usual I've got you covered as I found you some nice shopping deals and I hope you'll love them!

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And don't forget to say the magic words "I love you", "Thank you" and/or "I'm sorry" (if you had a fight lol, of course like it happens in any healthy relationships).


Wednesday, 27 December 2017


There is no denying it now, the winter Christmas crazy party season is just around the corner…diaries will soon be booked up with nights out, office get togethers, dinners, drinks…you name it…all needing a fabulous outfit to wow your peers with. BUT…that age old problem will rear its ugly head when it comes to flimsy party dresses…how do you keep warm!!

Now, while there are some of us who live and die by the winter rule of cab to club, meaning that they don’t enter the outside world at all on a night out. Instead opting to jump from a taxi into a venue with the minimum amount of time outside. The majority of us however are forced to step outside to get from a to b and there are a few simple tricks that you can follow to look AMAZING in your skimpy dress but also keep yourself warm while in transit.

First up…tights…now I know, these are not the most attractive accessories to have in your closet but in winter they are a must have. Depending on what dress you choose to wear, I would highly recommend having the appropriate coloured tights to match. That’s why I think black is a great choice for winter nights out, as you can pair with plain or patterned black tights that not only look good but keep your legs cosy and warm. Skin coloured tights don’t really look that great and are also by nature quite thin so won’t keep you as warm as their black counterparts.

Anyway, black is always a more dramatic and sexy vibe for wild nights out! 

Or, if you're a brave sexy mini dress lover and it's hard for you to give it up even in the cold winter, a pair of knee high boot is also a good defense against the cold. But NEVER try to match the boots with your knee length skirt, believe me, this may not make your sexy legs look that long.

Next trick is to invest in a serious winter coat to keep as much heat in as possible when out and about. Definitely choose a long floor length number here. Adds to the flamboyance of your look and keeps not only your body but your ankles warm as well! I would go for a fitted number when picking out a coat. This means you can make you outerwear part of your look by adding on a matching belt to cinch in your waist and complete your night time silhouette.

If you are a hat person, then by all means this is your time to shine. Hats can add a fun and functional element to your look and can complete an outfit and up your style stakes while still keeping you warm. Berets are a great choice for the Christmas party season, as they seem to remain timeless and elegant and are super snug.

Finally don’t forget some gloves….black leather…always a good choice. So gorgeous and a really high end, classy, finishing touch to any look. You could go for a vibrant colour either like a dramatic bright neon pink or a Christmassy red. Just don’t pick a woollen pair for night time…stick with the more expensive looking style of glove. Remember, you need to have your look in equal parts night owl and snug as a bug!


Sunday, 5 November 2017


Le temps se rafraîchit de plus en plus et pour moi qui suis plutôt de nature frileuse, ce n'est pas toujours évident car je supporte mal le froid, qu'il soit grand ou petit, je pense que je suis génétiquement équipée pour les climats tempérés. Mais ce n'est pas cela qui va m'empêcher d'apprécier la beauté de l'automne surtout quand la nature commence à prendre de belles teintes orangées, ou de l'hiver avec ses flocons de neige qu'on croirait admirer une belle œuvre d'art.

Il est temps de ressortir ses pulls, vestes, manteaux, doudounes, écharpes, chaussettes, collants et bottes qui nous gardent bien au chaud et sont confortables. En tant que fashionista, il est également important d'ajouter quelques nouvelles pièces tendances à ma garde-robe qui respectent ou pas les codes de la mode inspirées des catwalks de la Fashion Week. Si vous voulez être à la pointe de la mode sans vous ruiner comme moi, découvrez mes coups de cœur automne-hiver 2017/2018 dans ma wishlist sur Missguided

Les vestes et les manteaux, il y'en a pour tous les goûts dans ce rayon comme dans d'autres d'ailleurs, des classiques aux plus originaux, des plus chauds aux plus tempérés et pas chers. Faites un petit tour et découvrez ma sélection de parkas, duffle-coats, trenchs, doudounes, manteaux en fausse fourrure, vestes en cuir et camouflage. Qui a dit qu'on ne pouvait pas être élégante en hiver?

Les pulls douillets tricotés, les gros cols roulés, en maille, en laine et cachemire et tout en couleurs humm...j'adore! Les coupes sont simples et stylées, les modèles différents les uns des autres, on y trouve son compte.

La robe est quand même pratique même en hiver, avec de bons collants, des bottes, des baskets, des escarpins ou des sandales, on reste toujours au chaud. Dans ce rayon également, la sélection est assez variée, des robes de jour, courtes, longues, de cocktail et de soirée et pour toutes les occasions. La tendance automne-hiver est aux robes pull, chemise, blazer, des robes aux coupes fendues et les robes de couleur unie et en imprimés léopard.

Il est temps de remettre ses pantalons d'hiver et de ranger ses petites jupes et shorts d'été. La tendance est aux pantalons larges, en velours, cigarettes, flare, camouflage, tailleur version working-girl moderne et eighties, des joggings chics inspirés des looks de la rue et portés avec des bottines ou sandales. N'oublions pas nos incontournables jeans skinny, toujours pratiques et branchés qui se mettent facilement avec un pull à col roulé, manteau ou doudoune.

On a vraiment l'embarras du choix, des cuissardes, escarpins, bottines rock, mocassins, souliers à bouts carrés, des derbies, des baskets blanches ou de couleurs métalliques, des baskets avec des motifs brodés sur les côtés, c'est assez impressionnant de voir à quel point la mode évolue si vite. Ces chaussures me font craquer et vous?
C'est le premier vêtement que l'on enfile et le dernier que l'on enlève. Comparé au passé, aujourd'hui les femmes sont plus raffinées, plus exigeantes et assument leur lingerie. Il s'agit avant tout de se sentir plus femme, plus forte et surtout de se faire plaisir. J'ai craqué pour les soutiens-gorge en satin, les soutiens-gorge push up en dentelle et silicone adhésif, en lanières croisées, les brassières effet bandage, les body en résille, strings, bas de résille et porte-jarretelles, tout y est pour se faire plaisir mais aussi séduire son chéri. L'avantage avec la lingerie c'est que peu importe les coupes, styles, couleurs et matières, ça peut se porter en toutes les saisons. Il n'y a plus l'excuse de la Saint-Valentin ou attendre une autre occasion spéciale pour se faire plaisir non?

Il y'a de quoi s'habiller au chaud tout en restant à la pointe de la mode et en respectant son budget! 


Thursday, 6 July 2017


I'm happy to introduce you to Maison Mayshad, a luxury handbag brand based in Paris and addressed to International contemporary women looking to make a difference in this world. Nezha Alaoui, the founder and creative director of Maison Mayshad presents her SS17 collection that celebrates the modern woman who is bold, courageous, vibrant and who is not afraid to be who whe wants to be.

This collection includes oversized cabas, clutches and purses made of leather and felt and also some leather goods such as key rings, cards holders. They are all handmade in the most prestigious parisian workshops and with limited series.

Maison Mayshad has recently launched a women's wear collection of summer dresses very light, fresh, soft and elegant which I found amazing too. Their style, cut and fit make them perfect for cocktails and dinners in summer.

I really love these classy bags and dresses collections that I found very inspiring, unique and elegant. If you too fell under the charm of these collections and just want to discover the full collection or you'd like to get one of these bags or dresses but aren't sure about which one to choose for an upcoming event or just to update your wardrobe, let me assist you by finding the right bag or dress that will fit your style and personality. Drop me an email to book an appointment here:


Friday, 16 June 2017


I don't know about you but summer is my favorite season of the year not only because of the warm weather, schools vacations and the fact that we can do so many outdoor activities, but also because people seem to be more happy and everyone just looks better with some colors and light clothes. It's a fun and playful season for me as it's so easy to choose an outfit and get dressed  when you're going to work, to an event or just hanging out in town with your friends and family. It usually takes me a long time to get ready in winter unless I've prepared my outfit the night before. Does this sound familiar to you?

So to welcome Summer and celebrate it, I decided to wear this red blouse with black leggins that I paired with red floral platform heels in black. Accessories such as floppy hats, chokers, and sunglasses are definitely a must for me as I wanted to create this sophisticated, comfortable and stylish look.  I'm more of a maximalist person so most of the time I'll go for bold, unique, colourful and classy designs. I hope this style inspired you. So let's celebrate Summer and spread happiness around us!

Red Blouse & Leggins: Zara | Chokers: Missguided | Red Floral Platform Heels in Black: EGO | Vintage Bag: Chanel | Floppy Hat: YDE | Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs |



It is definitely a new era in fashion where there are no rules for creativity and our imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have or accomplish. Have you noticed the creative explosion of african fashion lately? Some years ago, we had a hard time to find ethno chic designs that blend the african and western cultures, so it was difficult to find and wear unique and trendy african designs for all occasions. It seems that we were limited to a few and same styles made of wax, basin, kente or batik fabrics, etc. 

As the needs of consumers change over time and with the growing competition, fashion forward designers are becoming more aware of the fact that they have to keep up-to-date with international standards and therefore satisfy their most valuable consumers. I'm so delighted to see the new development of african fashion through a variety of amazing, stylish and unique designs ranging from Streetstyle, Prêt-à-porter to Haute Couture.

Traditional patterned fabrics such as wax, kente, basin are now being combined with leather, suede, cotton, organza, silk and many other fabrics to make beautiful handbags, clothing, belts, jewelry, shoes, glasses, sunglasses etc. These designs have become so trendy and they are offered in a wide selection as well that now we can wear them for all occasions and in any seasons. African designers continue to celebrate the african spirit through the bright colours of the fabrics and prints and as well as the energy, life and harmony of their continent.

I wanted to share with you my top five african fashion brands so far and their glamorous designs. Of course I believe there are many others out there that are stylish, chic and unique too but these ones are my favourite for now. So if you know other african designers that you believe have amazing, good quality and unique designs, we'd appreciate if you would share your findings with us in the comment box below. 

Rise and Shine Africa!


       ONE OF EACH


Wednesday, 17 May 2017


With summer around the corner and beach days ahead, we are already thinking about fresh summer outfits to start wearing now. So it's time to change our wardrobes and say goodbye to heavy winter clothes,tights and boots. Floral skirts, denim shorts, cocktail dresses, maxi dresses, sandals, bikinis, sunglasses are plenty of effortless wardrobes staples that will make getting dressed in the morning way easier. Now the best part is you can shop these summer styles at affordable prices while still looking stylish and trendy. Want to know how? Have a look at these outfits and accessories picks I found for you and shop these summer styles to make you stand out this Summer.

Azael Skirt

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Beach Anklets

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Off The Shoulder Bandage Dress 

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Beach Tote Bag, Pompom Bag

 New Quay Australia Black "My Girl" Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses

Women Bikini Swimsuit Bathing Set Beachwear Kendall Kylie