Thursday, 29 January 2015

It's Summer!

Something I like about Summer is that the weather looks good and you can wear different fashion styles, try new ones and wear bright colors! I'm adventurous and I like to try new things and the routine can get a bit boring sometimes... This week-end I decided to wear a peplum african print top with skinny jeans to my friend's lobola ( South African word meaning traditional wedding) party. Yes some people might say it's not a conventional outfit that is expected to be worn to an african wedding, not with jeans but when it comes to fashion, I like to break the rules and always try to look different. 

 Peplum african print top: Mohad | Jeans: Levi's | Heels: Rage | Handbag: Gucci | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban|  Bangle: Foschini

 Then I wore this mini dress from Truworts to a cocktail party at the beach at Eden on the Bay, Big Bay. Overall I had a beautiful week-end and lots of fun!It's always good to spend quality time with friends and family and when you look good, you feel good!

Dress: Truworths | Heels: Aldo | Purse: YDE | Sunglasses: Givenchy | Bangle: Foschini

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

    Elie Saab & Zuhair Murad 
2 of my favourite Lebanese designers 


Sunday, 18 January 2015

These Dessert-Inspired High Heels Will Make You Hungry For Sweet Treats! via @EliteDaily

Stiletto Science: High Heels Make Women More Attractive And Influential.

I found this article interesting! I definitely agree. Stilettos make women more attractive but you also need to wear them with elegance and confidence! So if you don't feel comfortable with high heels it's pointless to wear them because you only going to hurt your feet and not get the effect you so desired!

Micasa & Donald Concert at Cape Town Convention Centre

With South African musician Donald. He's so talented, humble, down-to-earth and friendly too! #Groupie#Musiclover#fun. I had such an awesome time with my friends that night!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

 Happy New Year 2015!!!

For some  of us 2014 was a difficult year (loss of a job,business deals. Death of some family members, people we used to love so much and who shared our lives. Now they're gone! It's so sad and it hurts but unfortunately this is life and something we can never predict, but we have to stay positive, focused no matter what and move on with our lives because there are other family members who count on us and besides if you don't do it and be strong no one else will do it for you! There are certain times you feel like giving up but there's always that inner voice you have to listen to that motivates you to push yourself and face any challenges in life and always do your best to achieve your goals, be happy and to look on the bright side...

So here we go 2015!!

It will come as well with its challenges, good and bad times and no matter what be strong and stay true to yourself! I would like to thank my family for always being there for me no matter what and to love me unconditionally! To all my friends for their advices and their support during good and bad times (yes, bad times particularly as this is where you get to truly know people, and who loves you enough to stay by your side in difficult times and who leaves you as soon as problems arise!).  I would like to thank as well my fashionistas for your support through the year and your valuable advices for my blog.I love you guys so much!!

I wish you all a very happy new year and all my best wishes to you and your families! 
Keep smiling and rocking!


# What to wear for beach party #
 I had so much fun at Shimmy Beach Club new year's bash  with my friends. It was a beach party, though it was a bit windy but not cold, I decided to wear something light, fun and glam for the occasion.

Bodysuit: Mr.Price | Shorts: Mango | Gold belt: Edgars | Heels: Sissy Boy | Gold purse:YDE |
Necklace, earrings and bangle: Accessorize