Sunday, 29 January 2017


I love my différence x Fashionistas Looks

Hello everyone,

After the success of the first event that took place in Paris on 21st January, I love my difference decided to organize another great event on 3rd of June and this time in the South of France. Have you ever felt lonely and different because you are very tall or do you sometimes have a hard time to find the right size when shopping for your clothes or shoes? If you are a female (1,78m and +) or a male (1,90m and +) and you feel the need to belong to a community of people that will understand you because you have that one thing in common which is your height but also because they can share their own experiences with you, shopping tips, styling advices and most importantly traveling together and having fun while doing that, then don’t wait anymore and go register to the group in the following link for more details and come share with us fun and memorable adventures!

Remember to love and accept yourself the way you are as no one else can do it better than you!You are not alone anymore...

Stand Tall And Proud Always 


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